Brexit - The British continue to lead the Spanish real estate market

More than half of Britons who decide to buy a property in Spain they do it as a second home.

The British are still among the most influential buyers in the Spanish real estate market, way over the French, German, Belgian and Swedish, which highlights that Brexit has not slowed down its real estate activity in Spain.

57% of Britons who buy a property in Spain have it as a second home, compared to 25% who buy to change residence, 6% as investment and 10% for some other reason than the previous ones. By zones, the coast is preferred by 69% of Britons, while 17.7% prefers rural areas and the remaining 5.6% prefers to buy a home in an urban area.

Great Investment Opportunities

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The report also points out that there are other emerging markets in Spain that are called to be protagonists in the next financial year, as buyers of homes from Morocco, Ecuador, Portugal, China or Russia have generally gained "much prominence in the last year”.

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Source: Expasión