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Estepona Office Reopening

According to health and government authorities and having passed the worst phase of the entire Covid-19 pandemic in Spain.


Next Monday, 18th May 2020, we will open our office.

Office hours will be from Monday to Friday 8.30h to 16.30h and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. The rest of the time we will continue working remotely from home. We will only assist you by appointment and following the strict safety and risk prevention measures as we explain below.

Video Conferecing meeting


Video conferencing will be the first and priority choice before a physical meeting.

☛ You are welcome to come to our office only by appointment:
a. For documentation purposes this will have to come in a plastic envelope or wrapper, we will kindly ask you to wait until we apply an alcoholic solution.

b. Once scheduled a meeting: please note that there will be no meetings longer than 25 minutes, so you will have to come ready for it. Please be punctual as you will be taken to the meeting room directly, as we cannot keep anyone in the reception area. We recommend you to always follow the instructions of our staff through all the procedure.

☛ As you enter you will be able to take gloves that we will have at reception for you then will proceed to the board room and with the gloves on all the time.

You must come with your own mask. If not, you will be provided at the reception area.

☛ Kindly also bring your own pen, if not, we will also have one for you.

☛ Once inside the office we will not be able to shake our hands, instead with a simple gesture of greeting will enough as we will do the same. And we will always keep at least a meter and a half away from safety.

☛ In the meeting room we will sit in oblique and facing each other, please try not to come more than 2 people to the same meeting. All our staff speak English and Spanish, as well as some French and Russian, so no translator will be needed for these languages.

We may spray you with a vaporized liquid on entry and exit, but please be informed that it is not harmful to human health, but it does eliminate viruses.

☛ Unfortunately, the bathroom won’t be available for the clients, please keep that in mind.

We guarantee the maximum hygiene and disinfection in every visit to our client’s property before and after the tour. They will be sanitized and disinfected by our professional team with each visit, disinfecting all doors, windows and every area of possible contact and the procedure will be repeated once finished. An ozonation treatment* will be done before and after each visit.

* Ozonation treatment: they renew and oxygenate the air in closed spaces, eliminating odors, and all kinds of harmful elements. Ozone has fungicidal properties, destroying all kinds of toxin bacteria and viruses present in an environment, purifying the air with each appli- cation. Disinfects by removing fungi, algae, spores, and mold. As it is a gas, it helps to clean and disinfect the most impractical places, guaranteeing the results.

Our professional staff will be working in the office intermittently, therefore, depending on who you wish to see please bear in mind to request the meeting in advance to organize and schedule your meeting.

All our Team will have their personal protective equipment, and everyone have been tested with Test of COVID-19 before returning to work.

Again, kindly please respect and follow all the security protocols and measures for everyone’s sake. I foy u have any question please do not hesitate to contact us

Estepona, 16th of May 2020
Antonio Moya
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